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Do you want something special and unique that will last a lifetime or two? How would you like to own a small piece of history that can be passed along many more generations? Up for sale is what I am calling Remembrance Trunks. They were originally doll trunks, salesman sample or childs trunks. These little trunks can hold many precious treasures and memories. Consider a favorite stuffed animal, a lock of hair, a babies first tooth, ashes of a loved one…either a family member or a four legged friend, pictures, or anything that has special meaning. How about an unique wedding gift? A jewelry chest, the possibilities are endless. These are totally unique and one of a kind.

Please note, these are not new trunks, they are original trunks that are well over 100 years old. They come with well earned character. I try to keep them as original as I possibly can.

Stunning gold embossed trunk.

Dimensions are 9 1/4" tall X 8" deep X 12 1/4" wide.

Cost for this elegant trunk is $975.

Tray with detail of wallpaper.


Beautiful embossed tin doll trunk.

The cost for this trunk is $1050. 

Comes with a nice tray. The dimensions are 18" long X 10 1/2" deep X 12 1/2" high.

The color is a steel blue.

Notice the detail. I call this tin "Forget-me-not flower tin".

A lovely little trunk.

Nice embossed tin trunk.
Measurements are 10 1/2" tall X 16" wide X 10" deep.

The color is green with a silver cast to it. Striking.

Has a tray.
The cost for this trunk is $1095.

A close up of the original lithograph.



This beautiful embossed camel back doll trunk was sold for $1095.00.


The cost for this trunk is $595.00.

This canvas trunk is 10" tall by 8 1/4" deep by 13 3/4" long.

It comes with a nice tray.

Back and side of trunk.


Little gold camelback tin trunk.

The cost for this trunk is $600.
Measurements are 6 1/2" tall X 10 1/2" wide X 6" deep.

Comes with a tray that can hold precious memories or jewelry.


Small camelback tin trunk.

The cost for this trunk is $600.
A nice dark red color.

Comes with a tray.
Dimensions are 6 1/2" tall X 10 1/2" wide X 6" deep.


Beautiful red camelback doll trunk. Cost is $850.

Dimensions are 10 1/2" high X 14" wide X 9" deep.

Has a nice tray.











This trunk was used as a final resting place for a loved one.


These next three doll trunks are in my private collection and not for sale.

More to come in the future!

I am looking to buy trunks like these that haven't been restored.