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One of my restored trunks was purchased and used as a prop on the set of a major motion picture that was released in October 2015!

This camelback trunk has a tray with the original lithographs. The cost for this trunk is $975.00.                                                                  

30" wide X 24" high X 17 1/2" deep

This is showing the original lithographs, compartments and tray.



Sold to a movie production company for use on the set!


This round-edge flat top tin trunk is available for $700.       

28" wide X 20" high X 17" deep

Fall leaves wallpaper decorate the inside.



This beautiful embossed tin trunk is for sale for $950.


This handsome silver camelback trunk is selling for $800.
32" wide X 23" high X 18" deep

Inside muted paper with the original lithograph.

This is the original lithograph.

Here is a picture of the embossed tin.


Canvas foot locker is selling for $400.
34 1/2" wide X 13" high X 21 1/2" deep

Pinecones reside in this footlocker.




Embossed tin with a floral design is selling for $800.
32" wide X 21" high X 19" deep

Small floral wallpaper decorates the inside.

Close up detail of embossed tin.

Prices do not include shipping on the full sized trunks.

Please visit my "Miniature Trunks for Sale" page showcasing restored doll trunks also known as Salesman Sample Trunks. A very unique treasure!