About Me
You found Grandpa's old steamer trunk in the attic or you just bought an old wooden chest at a garage sale or flea market. Once, there was a beautiful piece of furniture under all that rust and paint. Perhaps you remember seeing one that was beautiful and would love to get your trunk to that condition again but you don't know where to go.

I can help. With over 33 years of restoration experience you can be rest assured that your trunk will be restored back to the best possible condition. It is not just a piece of furniture, it is someone's memories so I take the utmost care and craftsmanship to restore it back to its original beauty.

My name is Sue Heibel and I come from a family of artisans, and I am known as The Trunk Lady! 

I am located in Northfield, Minnesota.

My father, Dick Heibel, is world-renowned for repairing snowglobes/waterglobes.
My sister, Patty Heibel, is an artist and photographer and you can visit her site at the following link:  https://heibelgallery.com/   

The shop is closed during winter months (November-February/March), so please take that into consideration. You can still contact me any time regarding any purchase or questions.

Thank you for considering my services. 
                      Please contact me at   [email protected]

I usually remove the paint and paper from the outside and inside and start fresh. I will repair what I can and use as much original material as possible. What I can't repair, I will replace. 

I paint the outside and use an age old technique to "antique" the trunk to make it look old again. I then get rid of the odors (which always come with a 120+ year old trunk!) and finish it off with your choice of wallpaper.